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Every wondered why we call our Gorleston venue 'The Old Tower Ballroom'?

Diane Mackenzie, a succesfull dancer and well respected dance teacher, ran her dance school at the top end of Gorleston High Street for many years. The building had a tower on one corner to provide a view down the river. In days gone by towers were used by ship owners to see what was happening to their vessels from their home. The building was known as the Tower and Dianes' school as the Tower Ballroom Club.

When Ross Foods moved out of their head office on Riverside Diane saw the potential for a much bigger dance floor and to convert the upper floor to a flat for her and her partner, Ken.

The wonderful curved open plan staircase leading to a mezzanine bar area overlooking the river, and Koi Carp fishpond in the entrance were retained and a specialist sprung floor installed on the ground floor. The Tower Ballroom Club name was retained too and many of us knew it as The Tower Ballroom.

Diane died several years ago and the building was empty for some time. The Kingfisher Boxing Club purchased the property and one of the conditions of the sale was that the sprung floor must been retained and available for dance use.

Sadly the grand entrance was lost to enable seperate entrances for ground and first floor but thankfully the ballroom is still there complete with its iconic pillars!